December 1st 2016 | The Royal Scots Club

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About FOI 2016

Freedom of Information 2016: Towards a more open Scotland

Freedom of Information is recognised as a crucial element of the transparency and accountability of governments.  It enables public engagement, leading to greater accountability and more informed choices that safeguard citizens. This year's event is particularly relevant, as 2016 is the 250th anniversary of the world's very first FOI legislation, passed in Sweden in 1766. Whilst the relationship between governments and the public has changed dramatically since then, the spirit of this legislation remains: that the public is guaranteed insights into the activities pursued by governmental agencies.

Recent public sector developments in Scotland such as the integration of health and social care, open data, and advancements in information management, are changing how the public sector gathers, manages and shares information. Freedom of Information must reflect and adapt to meet these changes to ensure Scotland continues to meet its initial ambitions for the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. This event will explore these issues and many others over the course of the day. In doing so, we will review the accessibility of public information to a range of requesters, and consider what FOI professionals can do to identify and remove the barriers to accessing information in Scotland